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We have bio-degradable materials available to convert into eco-friendly packaging bags to reduce customers carbon footprints. We constantly research the new ways to recycle, reuse and reduce the packages to lower the waste and pollution to the environment. Eco-friendly packaging is available in stand up pouches, side gusseted pouches, flat bottom pouches and flat pouch, most of the featured options can be added to the pouch.

When it comes to lessening the negative impact consumers, manufacturers, and disposed products have on the environment, lightweight recyclable packaging is a much more viable and beneficial option than heavy, rigid containers or flimsy packaging that ends up in landfills and results in wasted or spoiled product due to its lack of protective features. Our flexible pacakging bags, on the other hand, are made with multiple layers of scientifically developed, FDA-approved film that are laminated together, creating a strong but flexible structure that reduces food waste and contact with outside contaminants.

As per your requests, eco-friendly bags are available in materials such as Natural Brown Kraft Paper, Natural White Kraft Paper and Rice Paper, inner substrates such as bio-LLDPE and bio-CPP can be tailored to meet your unique packaging needs.

Our professional manufacturing procedures will guide you from the very beginning of mock-ups to the real final package in only 20-30 days. Contact us today for Minimum Order Quantity.

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August 17, 2017

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