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Powdered Products

Our superior powdered products packaging delivers unparalleled protection that’s necessary for your product to successfully maintain its freshness. Any of our leak proof bags ensure protection from elements such as moisture and air which can jeopardize your product’s quality. Our premium packaging helps preserve the full nutritional value as well as taste of your protein powder from the moment it is packaged to the customer’s consumption.

As per your requests, powdered products package can be custom produced into quad seal side gusseted bags with extra strength in tensile, Flat bottom pouch with window to attract your customers’ attention, stand up pouches with hang hole to stand out on shelves, even large capacity bags to hold you 10 lb powders.

With most popular material structures available:

  • PET/LLDPE (Poly)

  • PET/VMPET/LLDPE (Poly Metallized)

  • PET/ALU/LLDPE (Poly Foil)

  • MBOPP/WHITE KRAFT/PET/LLDPE (White Kraft Paper with Matte Poly)

  • MBOPP/KRAFT/PET/LLDPE (Brown Kraft Paper with Matte Poly)

  • MBOPP/KRAFT/ALU/LLDPE (Brown Kraft Paper with Foil Liner and matte surface)

  • MBOPP/WHITE KRAFT/ALU/LLDPE (White Kraft Paper with Foil Liner and matte surface)

  • MBOPP/KRAFT/VMPET/LLDPE (Brown Kraft Paper with Silver Poly Liner and matte surface)

  • MBOPP/WHITE KRAFT/VMPET/LLDPE (White Kraft Paper with Silver Poly Liner and matte surface)

With most popular accessories and applications available:

  • Normal Zipper, Pocket-Style Zipper

  • Tin-Tie Closure

  • Tear Notch

  • Rounded or Square Corners

  • Window

  • Hang Hole

With most popular printing options:

  • Spot Gloss/Matte

  • Foil Hot Stamp

  • Surface Print on Natural Kraft Paper or Rice Paper

Our professional manufacturing procedures will guide you from the very beginning of mock-ups to the real final package in only 20-30 days. Contact us today for Minimum Order Quantity.

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Powdered Products Manufacturer

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April 21, 2017

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